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The Apple iPhone 3G is a smartphone manufactured by Apple Inc. It is a multi-media styled phone that has helped change the mobile phone industry. The iPhone 3G series is significant due to the advanced cell phone tower technology and GPS capabilities. The iPhone 3GS series also features faster processing speeds, video, a compass and camera.

Style - The Apple iPhone 3gs 8gb is 4.5 inches in height and 2.4 inches in width. It features a widescreen which allows users to watch video and play mobile video games. The phone features a touch screen display. The LCD (liquid crystal display) is scratch-resistant. The side switches include an alarm clock button, a jack for headphones, a slot for your SIM card, volume controls and a silent button.

Memory and Storage - The phone features an 8GB flash drive. This allows users to save video, music files and games on the phone. Another great feature is the Wi-Fi capabilities. This allows the user to access the Internet. Apple iPhone 3GS users can connect to various online hotspots and download all types of information. On the iPhone GSM models, data is placed on SIM cards. The SIM card is placed in the slot at the top of the phone. To insert the SIM card, users simply slide the card until it clicks. SIM cards can be removed using the eject tool.

Battery - The Apple iPhone 3gs comes with the standard Li-Ion battery. The battery is good enough for talking up to 10 hours. The phone battery can last up to 24 hours if users only use the iPhone 3gs for playing music. The battery is rechargeable internally. One method to recharge the battery is to connect it to a docking station. The docking station can be multi-functional and can also connect to your computer through a USB cable. The phone also has an AC adapter to charge the phone into a wall. Additional accessories include portable chargers, car chargers and solar charges.




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