Are there any Tesco iPhone 3GS deals?

Are you looking for a bargain deal on the iPhone 3GS? It's been out over a year now and been surpassed in the public's imagination by the iPhone 4, but it remains a brilliant piece of kit, and well worth picking up if you are on a budget.

Luckily, for the more frugal among you, Tesco mobile are doing some brilliant Tesco iPhone 3GS deals that can save you plenty of money on this desirable piece of kit. So lets have a gander.

Tesco stock the iPhone 3GS on their "Pay As You Go" scheme, with the phone available in three different memory sizes. You can pick up the basic 8GB model for £396.00. This model is perfect if all you want to use the phone for is making calls and sending messages, as well as using the occasional app. However, it's not got a lot of storage for music.

The other model they stock is the 32GB variation, with that currently priced at £549.00. This model is perfect for people who want to use their iPhone as a music player and to fully exploit the range of amazing apps available on Apple's App store. You can check out both models and order them online at direct.tesco.com.

Unfortunately, Tesco don't yet stock the iPhone 4, so you will be unable to pick it up on Tesco Mobile. However, there's nothing stopping you getting a SIM free iPhone 4 from Apple, and using it with a Tesco SIM!

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