Tesco Hudl budget tablet review

Tesco took the plunge into the highly competitive, low-budget tablet market with the launch of its own low-cost option, the Hudl. The Tesco Hudl runs on the JellyBean 4.2 and features a 7-inch screen. If you are looking for a low-cost tablet tailored for entertainment and online shopping for the family or children, the Hudl is probably a good choice for you.

Hudl talking points

Tesco’s budget tablet has a lot going on for it. To begin with, selling at just £119, the Tesco Hudl is £80 cheaper than the popular, second generation Google Nexus 7. Moreover, the Hudl packs all the entertainment children and the whole family might want into one sleek, easy to use Android tablet.

Surfing the web is a breeze, streaming music on blinkbox a pleasure and movies come alive in crystal clear HD on the Hudl. You can also shoot videos, take photos and read e-books easily and conveniently on the tablet by Tesco.

"This is first stage in our tablet offering, it's convenient, integrated and easy to use with no compromise on spec," Tesco CEO Phillip Clarke said of Hudl.

True to Mr. Clarke’s words, the Hudl includes an impressive 16GB of storage (expandable to 48GB) and runs on a powerful 1.5GHz quad core ARMv7 processor, but without the Snapdragon and enhanced OpenGL video outlay found in rivals like the Nexus 7 and the Amazon Kindle Fire HD.

What the Hudl lacks in enhanced OpenGL video outlay, however, it makes up for with up to nine hours battery life and near-as-damnit stock Android Jelly Bean that allows users full access to the Google Play store.

The Hudl is arguably a close match for Google's pace-setting compact tablet, only cheaper. It doesn't offer 3G or 4G Internet connectivity, but it can connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi.

"Customers are quite rightly very discerning about the technology they buy so we knew we had to be competitive on all fronts,” said Mr. Clarke.

Hudl target market

Evidently, the Tesco Hudl aims to let the less techy among us access the exciting 7-inch Android tablet technology we want without having to fork out too much cash for it. Tesco is even offering the Hudl tablet for under £100 if you purchase it through the retailer's Clubcard programme.

According to Tesco, "The Hudl is aiming at a market that isn't technology savvy but is interested, is aware of the iPad, and knows that apps, the internet offer a whole new world from a shopping and entertainment perspective."

The device is available in four colours at 1,000 Tesco stores across the UK and via the company website.

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