All About Tesco Digital Photo Frames

Digital photo frames are a great way to store and show off your best images.  By unleashing your photography onto an external screen, you can change the mood of a room, bringing to life certain emotions and themes.

The problem with digital frames is that they can be quite expensive, even for the smallest sizes.  On the flip side, the more you spend, the more features you're likely to acquire, such as wireless computer and phone connection, larger internal memory storage and music and movie capability.

Tesco Digital Photo Frames

With all that in mind, it might be worthwhile taking a trip down to the local supermarket to see if you can find anything for a slightly cheaper price.  Tesco superstore sells a range of photography goods, with digital photo frames amongst them and the good news is, there is plenty of choice!

Tesco offer sizes as small as 3"5 inches, which with special offers can cost under £10.  Smaller frames are great for carrying around pictures that you want to keep with you at all times.  Loved ones, motivational pick-me-ups, or even your own photos that you want to show others can all be stored and accessed at any time while on the go.  The Technika X35 is a great example of a digital photo frame that you can carry around with you.

If you're looking for something a bit bigger, Tesco manufacture their own T70 7" model.  With a 432x234 screen resolution and 16:10 aspect ration, the T70 digital frame also has a built-in clock and a slideshow function which plays all of your images in sequence.  It may be basic in terms of features, but it does the important things perfectly well.


If you are looking for a digital photo frame and don't want to spend a bomb, don't be afraid to head down to Tesco and see what they have on offer - you may just walk away with a bargain!

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