Put your snaps on show with a Tesco digital photo frame

With the ease of digital cameras we all take so many more photos these days. But we tend to just store them on a computer hard drive or memory card and forget about them. Put those family snaps on display with a Tesco digital photo frame.

Tesco Direct (http://direct.tesco.com) has a range of digital photo frames to suit most budgets. You may require a memory card to load on the pictures, but these are easy to find, and are getting cheaper all the time.

The Motorola LS720 digital photo frame is a sophisticated piece of electronic kit. The dual 7" screens mean you can run two different slide shows at the same time (not entirely sure why you'd want to . . . ). The built in memory can store up to 1200 photos so you don't have to worry about memory cards. Program music to accompany your photos with the mp3 player or wirelessly communicate with Bluetooth compatible devices to exchange media. It retails at £79.97.

The Technika X35 3.5" desktop digital picture frame is a cute and compact frame designed to be stored by your desktop computer. It is powered via USB so it is a great choice for viewing your family snaps at the office, and it's small enough to pack alongside the laptop for business trips away. It's been marked down to an amazing £6.47 on the website.

The 7" LCD Tesco T70 digital photo frame has a 432x234 screen resolution with 16:10 aspect ratio. Watch the images scroll through with the slideshow function. Load your pictures onto MMC, SD, SDHC, Sony Memory stick, USB and xD cards. At £19.97 it's a very reasonably priced option for this size of frame.

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