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Tesco computers sale can be seen on the tescodirect website.

This site not only provides details of every computer and laptop that Tesco stock, but also a comprehensive guide to all the computer terminology and the types of technology available. This practical guide explains the difference between a desktop model and a laptop, and simplifies the jargon that can lead to the customers making a wrong decision.

Tesco stock a comprehensive range of computers with all the big names represented. Sony, Samsung, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Acer and Medion are only some of the ranges on offer. As well as complete packages they also sell monitors and external hard drives separately. This reduces the necessity of buying a brand new machine should the LCD unit crack - saving you a lot of money!

The prices vary depending on the specifications of the machine. The higher the memory, the faster the machine and consequently it will be more expensive than the basic model. Acer models are particularly popular for those on a budget and they offer good value for money.

Of course Tesco discount certain ranges from time to time and this is also reflected on their website. Currently in the clearance section on the site, under the "electrical" heading, there is a Toshiba C660 laptop featuring 3gb ram and 320gb hard drive for only £309.

Tesco is also running the ever-popular Computers For Schools promotion, where tokens are given for purchases and, when the required number is reached, local schools can redeem them for computers.

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