Tesco ATM pays out double to happy customers

Tesco customers in Cranford, West London were given an unexpected surprise yesterday when the shop's cash machine started giving out double the amount of money requested. News spread like wildfire leading to cues of happy shoppers outside the supermarket for several hours.

The machine was eventually fixed but Tesco has decided not to chase any of the cheeky customers who cashed in on the technical glitch. Metro claims that approximately 150 people withdrew over £5,000 before the ATM stopped working.

A businessman who took advantage of the unexpected windfall spoke to the Evening Standard: "It really was a case of, 'Buy one, get one free. The news spread like wildfire and within an hour there was a huge queue of getting on for 50 people".

"Some people were there at the machine for five minutes at a time, taking out as much as they could on their different cards."

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