Terrifying Domination of All Our Thoughts? There's a law for that

So there are computers, right? And they have programs on them. We normally call those programs applications, because they apply the computer's power to a task.

With us so far?

With the introduction of smartphones, people could install programs on their phones, too. You could do this with the Palm Treo, released in the early 00's, or Windows Mobile, released even earlier.

The iPhone, which was popularised the downloading of apps, was released in 2007 - and its app store didn't open until over a year later.

All of which begs the question why Apple have been allowed to register their smug slogan 'There's an app for that' as a trademark. Presumably we can look forward to Apple now trademarking the phrases 'multi-touch' and 'video calling', other things it didn't invent and acts like it did...

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