Terminator 4 Climate Change Revenge

Great news to hear that Arnie and Blair are in cahoots over reducing Californian carbon emissions (the world's 12th largest carbon emitter). Still, every time I see a picture of them together my brain automatically sees a cyborg-style eye piece over the Californian Governor, in a way that makes everything seem like the next sequel...when is M going to make some laser head gear for Tony?

Enough with the Arnie innuendo already, I hear you cry! Get over it, he's the Governor, not a mechanical alien superhero!

Staying up to date with climate change information is now much easier online. There are a myriad of RSS feeds from some excellent sources that can be added to your MIX. Climate Change Action is a great blog that will keep you informed, Climate Ark is a portal well worth a visit, containing the latest climate updates and ClimateWire is an informative news wire service focusing solely on climate change issues.

If you want to start doing your bit for climate change, all the information you'll need about calculating and reducing your personal Carbon Footprint can be found, along with some hints and tips on how to make an immediate impact.


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