Tell your parents

Why don't they understand? No matter how complex video games get; no matter how nuanced the story or lifelike the graphics or complex the characters, our parents will never believe us when we say that video games are, at their best, an art form.

Well, they're wrong, and now it's official. The National Endowment for the Arts, the mechanism through which the US government doles out its support for various artistic endeavours, has updated the categories of art it supports, changing “Arts On Radio And Television” category to a broader “Arts In Media.” That covers video and audio on the internet, like YouTube and podcasts; but it also covers "interactive games".

Now, we'll admit that the Smithsonian is probably thinking more of worthy efforts like the diplomacy-simulators the UN churns out every now and then rather than Portal 2. But another giant US arts institution, the Smithsonian, is fully on board with the games-as-art bandwagon and is embracing the commercial. They've just announced the 80 games to be included in an upcoming 'The Art of Video Games' exhibition, and the list includes Pac-Man, Super Mario Bros 3, Earthworm Jim and Metal Gear Solid amongst others.

So take that, mum and dad! We're not wasting my weekends, I'm consuming art. Which is more than we can say about your addiction to Strictly Come Dancing.

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