Guide to Television for Sale

Toshiba offer amazing value for money on HD ready televisions, they don’t have the same reputation of a Samsung or Sony, but they are just as reliable. The 32” Toshiba ‘Regza’ gives you a lot for its £229 retailing price. As well as being HD ready, it features a Freeview tuner which allows you access to 50+ digital channels and 25 radio stations. Out of all the 30” plus television for sale the Regza is undoubtedly near the pinnacle.

Sony’s 37” ‘KDL’ LCD HD comes in at a very reasonable £300, it is part of Sony’s ‘Essential’ range, which means it comes with a whole load of cool stuff. One such feature is media streaming, which allows you to hook your TV up to a home internet connect and watch films or shows through sites like LoveFilm. This really makes the KDL stand out from the crowd.

What many people don’t know about LCD’s is how important the backlight panel technology is, when buying a LCD TV, be sure to go for PVA. TN – the alternative – gives pictures that can fade the further you are away from the screen.

If your budget stretches that bitfurther you could do worse than plump for the 50” LG 50PZ550T Plasma 3D. It usually retails at £999, but pixmania areselling for just £569, saving you a whopping £430! The screen is huge, although as well as the size, you are really paying for the 3D aspect. There is only going to be more and more sports and films coming in 3D, so it may be worth that bit extra for the long term benefits.

If you’ve won the lotto the Samsung D7000 should be your five star, TV of choice. The price is steep at £1,700. It does however; tick all the boxes, in style alone the D7000 is almost just as good to look at turned off, as it is turned on. It’s the narrowest TV on the market, is 3D active and provides full Freeview HD TV. Best of all is the ‘Smart Hub’ – Samsung’s online platform – which is accessed through the in-built wi-fi.

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