There are some brilliant television dvd combi on the market

As technology marches on, so do the possibilities when it comes to saving money on your electronics. DVD players have become pretty obsolete in the face of Blu-Ray players, so if you fancy getting one, why not get a television dvd combi? It will save you money and space!

A combination TV and DVD player is the perfect "second" television for your home. There's no point in shelling out megabucks for another massive HD TV for your room or kitchen, as you can just go to your main room to look at things that need to be seen in all their glory.

In fact, so popular are these TV DVD combos, that they are selling more than ever! They're even being sold in places like Tesco, so it'll be easy to pick up an absolute bargain with minimal effort.

You should be looking to pick up a set with a screen of less than 20", as these are far and away the cheapest option, and the most widely available.

To give an idea of the type of price you can expect to pay, Pixmania.com have a Logik 22" LCD TV and DVD combi for the low price of £134. The TV is also fully HD compatible.

If you wanted to get even cheaper, you can pick up a non HD version of the television dvd combi from the likes of Tescofor half this price. No matter which of these excellent sets you pick up, you're bound to snag yourself a bargain!

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