Take the handy option with a Combi TV-DVD

Progress in home television circles has been so rapid that many people can now afford to possess a behemoth of a high-definition LCD Television in their front room. The humble small screen television has been swept aside without a second thought.

These kind of TV's can still serve a purpose though! If you're in the market for a second television, for your bedroom, or for a kitchen, then a small combi TV-DVD could be just what the doctor ordered. They're cheap, they're cheerful, and they're incredibly versatile, what's not to love?

A small TV-DVD combo set is the perfect TV to place in your kitchen or bedroom, to ensure you never miss any of your favourite shows. There's no need to splash out on another 40" monster for your bedroom, after all, if there's an important program on that requires a big TV, you can always just go to your front room.

Most smaller sets are being sold as combined TV-DVD packages these days to help increase their appeal, so it should be possible to find a bargain no matter where you go shopping.

To give an example of the kind of bargain you can pick up, Pixmania.com have a Logik 22" LCD TV and DVD combi for the low price of £134. The TV is also fully HD compatible.

There are scores of other bargains just like this to be found as stores continue to try and out-do each other on television prices, so happy bargain hunting!


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