Check out this pay as you go mobile telephone charges comparison.

With seven major mobile phone service providers now battling it out for superiority in the United Kingdom, there has probably never been a better time to shop around for the best deals on offer. What we require from our mobile providers has changed quite a bit in the last few years thanks to the arrival of the smartphone, but one thing that has remained constant has been the desire to get the best deal possible - something that we hope to help you with with our mobile telephone charges comparison.

With so many different companies out there, the consumer is spoilt for choice, and the onus is very much with you to decide exactly what it is you need from your service. Should you be a heavy app and internet user, then we strongly recommend you take a look at the excellent 3 Mobile All in One package. For just £15 per month (added via top up as opposed to monthly bill payment) you'll get 300 minutes of call time to any number in the United Kingdom, 3000 text messages and as much data as you can use.

While the other companies have their own data plans on offer, such as Vodafone's 500MB of data use for £10 per month, as well as 300 texts included to sweeten the deal, none of them can come close to the 3 offer.

If you've got relatives or friends living abroad, Talk Mobile have a fantastic offer of 75 free international minutes as a bonus for anyone who tops up their pay as you go mobile with £10 in any calendar month. While this might not measure up against the Vodafone or 3 offers, it certainly has the potential to save you an awful lot of money over the course of a month - plus it allows you to stay in touch with your nearest and dearest whether or not they're in the country.

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