Telegram App Review

With so many Instant Messaging apps available one has to wonder what all the fuss is about the Telegram App. There are many great things that this app offers and others do not. Here is a quick telegram app review that may or may not convince you to move from Whatsapp.

The Good and the Bad

Here is a Telegram app review that will hopefully help you decide if it is worth downloading.


Telegram was developed and funded by Paul Durov who also founded Russia's largest social networking site, VKontakte.


Similar to other IM apps, this is free. Unlike other ones though this is a non-profit meaning there are no premium options nor ads.

What makes it Unique?


Unlike its biggest competitor Whatsapp, Telegram is extremely secure. For those that need the utmost secrecy, Telegram offers Secret Chats which are end to end encryption and can be set to self-destruct. There is a timer that can be set from either 2 seconds to a week which, when activated, will destroy the message on both mobile devices


Telegram claims to be the worlds fastest messaging app.


Telegram is cloud based and has unlimted cloud storage that can be used multiple devices which no other IM app offers.

Other Features

The user can send videos up to 1GB in size and transfer documents and photos. They also offer group chats that accomodate up to 200 people.

The interface is very similar to Whatsapp. It is very clean and easy to navigate through also giving you the option to customize the background, font, and sounds.

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If you have any questions, you can message the developers directly through the app.

Need for Improvment

The biggest drawbacks in this app are that there is no option for no voice calls-messages and it is still not that popular.


Overall Telegram has a lot going for them. With security and privacy becoming harder to come by in this day and age, people have been and will continue to look for ways to communicate privately and more securely. This app is a great option to have. Hopefuly this Telegram App Review has given you a little food for thought.

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