'Teenagers don't use Twitter'

This is one for the weird file. Financial institution Morgan Stanley asked a 15-year old summer work experience boy how he and his friends consumed their media, and not only did they listen to him, they published his report. Because of course, what the City needs are the views of another public school boy.

Anyway, Matthew Robson (who signed himself as 15 years and 7 months – seriously) has blasted Twitter, saying that ‘teenagers do not use Twitter.’

‘Most have signed up to the service, but then just leave it as they realise that they are not going to update it (mostly because texting Twitter uses up credit, and they would rather text friends with that credit). They realise that no one is viewing their profile, so their tweets are pointless.’ We could have told Morgan Stanley that, you privileged little upstart.

Another incredibly obvious thing that he told the suits was that young people don’t like paying for music. Is this really ‘one of the clearest and most thought-provoking insights’ they’ve seen? Really?

‘They are very reluctant to pay for music (most never having bought a CD) and a large majority (8/10) downloading it illegally from file sharing sites. Legal ways to get free music that teenagers use are to listen to the radio, watch music TV channels (not very popular, as these usually play music at certain times, which is not always when teenagers are watching) and use music streaming websites (as I mentioned previously).’ The only consolation is that no-one was paying him for this.

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