Teenage dreams

Maybe we're getting old (OK, we're definitely getting old), but it seems people are achieving impressive things younger and younger. Whether it's Tom Daley taking part in the Olympics aged 14, or Peaches Geldof 'editing a magazine' (hmm) aged 17. But this is pretty impressive, even by modern standards.

Angry Birds has finally been knocked off the top spot in the iOS App Store's free games download chart. The game in question, Bubble Ball, is a 'physics puzzle game', which sounds dull as anything, but we've had a go and can confirm it is something of a laff.

Just knocking Angry Birds off its perch (arf!) would be impressive in itself, but what's really remarkable is that Bubble Ball was created by - you guessed it - a 14-yr-old boy. Robert Nay, of Arizona, created the game 'with the help of his mum and the local library,' the Guardian reports.

We can't take this any more! 14-yr-olds should be off doing 14-yr-old things, like getting drunk and having babies...

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