Technorati now tracks over 70 million blogs

Last year, analysts at Gartner predicted that the blogosphere would peak in 2007 at 100 million blogs. Is this happening? If recent figures released by Technorati in the latest "State of the Live Web" report are anything to go by, probably not.

There are apparently 120,000 new blogs activated daily.

Interesting to note that blogs are catching up in web popularity with mainstream media - 22 out of the 100 most popular websites now blogs. Check out the graph here.

Other interesting info bytes: Japanese is the most popular language in the blogosphere, accounting for 37% of blog posts indexed. Closely followed by English at 35%, then by Chinese on 8%.

Technorati now tracks 58,000 blog posts per hour (which is 1.4m daily if you want the figures to sound really huge).

For more information, check out Technorati Founder Dave Sifry's blog and add his RSS feed to your Excite MIX page if you want regular updates from Baron Blogosphere.


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