Coolest tech toys

Remember how fun technology used to be when you were a kid? It wasn't all about apps and organisers and emails - it was about playing games, trying something novel and having a laugh. These awesome tech toys are perfect for rediscovering your inner child - just don't blame us if you get hooked!

Best tech toys

Surface Tension Arcade Tables

Want an arcade game of your own, but having problems convincing your significant other to let one of those clunky big boxes into your home? Surface Tension Arcade Tables could be the perfect solution. They're sleek and discreet, with LCD screens, hidden controls and dark glass - but most importantly, a lot of fun! You can choose your own finish and enjoy retro-style arcade controls like joysticks and trackballs.


The high carbon steel Glowbar is essentially a crowbar coated in hyper-phosphorescent paint. It glows in the dark! We can think of a million and one uses for it... well, maybe not, but it's still a pretty awesome idea.


Want a retro gaming experience without missing out on shiny new graphics? The SupaBoy could be just what the doctor ordered. You can hoke out those old Super Nintendo Cartridges and plug them in, enjoying a coloured display on the 3.5 inch LCD screen. You can also hook it up to your TV and use two controllers.

Romo Smartphone Robot

This cute little device taps into the potential of iOS or Android apps to control its movements and output. More apps are promised in the near future!

Robot Boxing Machines

Ok, so they cost over 10 grand, but they're pretty much the coolest tech toys we've ever seen. You and a mate climb inside each of the robots and use a joystick to do pneumatic-powered battle. A Honda engine powers hidden wheels that make you feel like you're driving a tank.

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