Taxi! No cash? No problem

It's 2am on a Sunday. You're in Leicester Square. You can tell from the hoards at the bus stop you'd wait hours to get on a night bus. But you haven't got any money for a taxi, and you can't get any out because you're overdrawn. What do you do?

If you're on Vodafone and you're in London, you're in luck. The mobile network is equipping 50 specially-branded black cabs with tech that lets you pay for your ride with your phone. You just text the vehicle's license number to a special short-code, and your bill at the end of the ride shows up on your next phone bill. Simples!

No words on what happens with pay as you go customers, who might not have the necessary money in their account. But hopefully they won't be chucked out in the street.

But what if your phone's out of battery, like our knackered old iPhone often is at the end of the day? You're in luck again: the taxis in question will have built-in chargers for common phone types.

v All in all, we'd have to say this is a pretty nifty idea. Only trouble is, if you lose your phone, as well as calling Nigeria for hours and costing you £'s in bills, your thief could also make you pay for their taxi home...

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