Top TalkTalk mobile phones packages

If you're looking for the best TalkTalk mobile phones currently on the market, our quick guide is a great starting point.

TalkTalk offer two main deals on mobile phones: Mobile Essentials and Mobile Plus.

Mobile Essentials

Do you love to text? Mobile Essentials could be the perfect package for you. For just £10 a month, you'll get unlimited texts to UK phone numbers. You'll also get 200 free minutes to use anytime and to any network. Unlike many other networks, this includes landline calls to 36 countries, including Australia, Ireland and the USA. There's a one month rolling contract, and calls to your TalkTalk landline are completely free.

Mobile Plus

For £30, you'll get unlimited calls, unlimited texts and a generous 150MB of mobile internet data. This is roughly equivalent to 14 hours of normal surfing, downloading 19 music tracks or 74 photos. Your free calls also apply to landlines in 36 countries, including much of Europe. There's a one month rolling contract.

Why TalkTalk?

The one month contract offers maximum flexibility, while the generous call, text and data allowances are very competitive. The helpful customer service team are there to ensure that the transition is hassle-free, and you can even keep your existing phone number. If you sign up to Mobile Essentials now, you'll receive one month free - that's a credit of £10 on your first month's bill. One important factor to bear in mind: you must be an existing TalkTalk customer to be eligible for these mobile services.

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