Talking Angela App

With all the apps that are available and easy to download it can be difficult to keep track of what your child is viewing. Recently the Talking Angela app has been making its rounds on Facebook with people warnings against using this app. It is hard to sift through what information is accurate, so hopefully this will help give you some guidance and direct you into learning more about this app and what claims are and are not true.

About the App


Talking Angela is a free app that is created by Outfit7 who are a well known apps company. This app is one of the 12 in the Talking Tom and Friends series and can be purchased for free in the iTunes store or Google Play Store for iSO and Android.

In February of 2013 there was a hoax spreading on Facebook saying how this app was dangerous for children to be using and lists warnings in all caps. Recently it has made its rounds once again and the hoax is back.

There have been claims that the camera will activate without permission, ask personal questions such as where you go to school, who your best friend is, if you go to clothes swapping parties, and will even request you to pet her in inappropriate ways, and the list goes on.

These complaints arise out of some presumably not knowing that there is a child mode and adult mode. Unfortunately it is very easy to toggle between the two on the app due to a lack of a security or pin number to block it from being toggled back on. When it is in adult mode, you will be able to chat with Angela and do many of the things people have been complaining as inappropriate and a danger to children.

Do Your Research

The Talking Angela app is one of the many apps that there have been issues with in the past. It is important to take the time and double check what games and apps your children are playing. It is equally important though to not take warnings that may be on Facebook at face value either. Do your own research and find out the facts.

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