Taking the 'mobile' out of 'automobile'

Wow. Considering that half of America already seems to believe their government is on a communist rampage to take over their lives, it's hard to see this one working out well.

US transport secretary Ray LaHood - surely the coolest-named member of the Obama Administration after the big O himself - really doesn't like people talking on their mobiles while driving. Indeed, he's launched a special website to talk people out of it. But if that doesn't work, he's prepared to go further. He said in an interview on TV this week that his department are 'looking into' technology to block mobile phones from making or receiving calls or texts in a car.

As Gizmodo points out, there's a bunch of reasons this may not happen - not least of which that it'd prevent non-drivers using phones in cars too, and provision would have to be made for emergencies. But there's another problem: this is a country that thinks compulsory private healthcare equals socialism.

Still, the fact that LaHood is talking about it means someone in the Government is probably at least looking at it here, too. Fascism or common sense? What d'you think?

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