Taking gaming realism a step too far?

So, you’ve got the diamond-sharp graphics upgrade, the 3D surround sound, the intuitive gameplay… and we reckon you’ll be getting a brain-powered controller next. But with every game you play, do you become more convinced that it’s not enough? It just doesn’t feel real.

After all, your characters are getting beaten and shot and blown up constantly. So where’s the pain?

Enter the Mindwire V5.

This sadomasochistic accessory consists of a set of electrode pads that you stick to your skin. It interfaces with your games console to give you perfectly timed electric shocks, providing the physical pain that has been so sorely absent from your gaming life.

Die in your game and you get a shock. Get hit and you get a shock. Fall from a great height and you get a shock.

And then there’s the multi-player option, allowing you to torture your friends.

“Feel the pain, enjoy the game,” so the slogan goes. Watch this space for the first Sims murder.

(Image: from glutnix’s flickr stream)

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