Take the Sheen off your internet

Are you sick of Charlie Sheen yet? It's been over a week since he began his crazy, oft-hilarious, occasionally-alarming bender of trash talking and wacky stunts, and... we're getting bored. If you are too, what do you do? After all, the internet still won't shut up about it and if previous US celeb sagas (Britney, Conan) are anything to go by, this one won't die down for a few weeks yet.

Well, help is at hand. Remember last year when that amazing browser extension was released that banned all mention of Justin Bieber? Well, there's now a Charlie Sheen version. Just download and install it into either Chrome or FireFox and shazam! The tiger-blooded winning F18 with the fire-breathing fists will be magically removed from any website you visit.

If you're really sick of the Sheen, this sounds like a godsend. Are you, though? Wouldn't you like to stick around for just one more crazy rant? Wouldn't you? Wouldn't you?

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