Take that, Jobs!

Anything that is likely to irritate those killjoys at Apple is always guaranteed to make us smile and gasp with joy and delight. This week people starting taking the royal mickey by jailbreaking iPads inside Apple stores, which was fabulous, but The Man stepped in and blocked jailbreakme.com from their WiFi networks. Booooo, you might think, but someone has flicked Jobs and Co. the rods once again.

Spome chap who calls himself IT Geek has only gone and sliced and gutted an iPad open like a dead trout using the internet connection from his Nexus One. Best of all, he’s posted a video of it, so we can all laugh. Check it out, and go a-ho-ho-ho-ho.

Jailbreaking iPad using Nexusone at local Bestbuy Store Aug 4th 2010 from IT Geek on Vimeo.

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