Take that, Apple

Talented as Apple are, they're also not a little smug, and we have to admit we like it when they get beaten sometimes. So we were cheered to hear that Amazon has beaten Apple on its long-standing plan to provide 'cloud syncing' of users' music collections.

Amazon has already become the number one MP3 seller after iTunes, and now it's leaped ahead in terms of functionality. The Amazon Cloud Player puts any music you've bought from Amazon into an online 'locker' through which you can play it on any web browser, or through an app for Android phones. At work and left your MP3 player at home? No worries, your music is on the internet. And you can even upload music you didn't get from Amazon and play that too.

What does this have to do with Apple? Well, a year or so ago Apple bought a company called Lala, who ran a service which let people listen to music online. Ever since then, it's reportedly been working on an enhancement to iTunes that would let users, well, listen to their music over the web or through an iPhone app.

See the problem? To be honest, we doubt the Cloud Player will enable Amazon to overtake Apple as top dog in the online music world, but it's a coup nonetheless.

There's just one problem: it's only available in the US. Where's the love, Amazon? Don't let this take two years like it took for us to get the Kindle. Oh well, at least we have Spotify...

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