Take that, Apple

Well, look at this: the mighty Apple beaten by a little-known Taiwanese manufacturer.

The business press spent much of this week salivating after Apple released impressive (OK, very impressive) sales figures and financials for the last quarter-year. Apple sold 16 million iPhones in the last three months, and enjoyed revenues of $26.74 billion, a 71% increase on the same time the previous year.

But today, another company, HTC, released their results. You may never have heard of HTC - until a few years ago, they only made phones for other people, producing the phones released under network brands like Orange's SPV and O2's XDA series. (This was in the dark ages of smartphones, when they were multi-buttoned stylus-operated geeky toys for businessmen and weirdos.)

In the last couple of years, though, HTC has put out an array of sexy, very powerful own-brand Android handsets. There's the Desire and Desire HD, for example, and the Desire Z (pictured) with its pull-out keyboard. They're also the people who made the Nexus One for Google.

Well, it seems the hard work is paying off. HTC's revenues for the last quarter are up a crazy 160% on the previous year.

It's still a smaller company than Apple - HTC sold 24.6 million smartphones last year in total, while Apple is on course to sell nearly 70 million this year - but it's growing at a crazy speed. And taking Android with it. The smartphone wars just keep on heating up. Of course, the question is whether HTC - who are yet to officially unveil their tablet plans - can compete with the iPad...

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