Take that, Apple

Ooh, look, a fight!

You have to give credit to Apple for innovation in the last few years - they've produced lots of products that it's taken competitors years to produce credible rivals to, including the iPod, iPhone and iPad (we're still waiting for a decent rival to that one).

But one recent Apple launch has proven easier to overtake: the MacBook Air. The world ooh'd and aah'd a couple of months ago when Apple unveiled their revamped, ultra-thin Macbook Airs, and we must admit, they were pretty foxy. But Samsung have just announced a rival that trumps the air on thinness and, in our view, sexiness.

Now, technically, Samsung are right when they say the new 9 Series is the world's thinnest 13-inch laptop: it's .64 inches thick, whereas the Air is .68 inches thick, Gizmodo explains, so you're not exactly going to notice the difference. It's impressively specced, with a 1.4HGz Core i5 processor and 128GB of flash storage (so it should start up superfast, like the Air does).

Most of all, though, it's very, very lovely - in our view, at least. As Gizmodo puts it, the Series 9's 'black metal finish and sleek curves make it look like it belongs on the deck of the Death Star.'

Fancy one? It won't come cheap - $1600, about a grand. But hey, that's no more than an Air, so if you're a Windows person, this looks like an excellent bet.

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