Take notice of our machine!!

Blackberry maker RIM have long been boasting that their tablet computer – the Playbook – would be better than the iPad, and now they say they’ve got the proof.

The company has released a video in which is shows just how much faster and smoother web browsing is on their device compared to the iPad, and it’s quite impressive just how much better the Playbook’s performance is. However, we aren’t shown any of its other functions, and it does seem a teeny bit too small, if you ask us. In any case that hasn’t stopped RIM going after Apple, not only bad mouthing their machine, but also saying that the future is not in apps, and that they are no substitute for proper web browsing.

‘(Users) don't need an app for the web,’ said RIM CEO Jim Balsillie. ‘There's still a role for apps, but can you use your existing content? Can you use your existing web assets? Do you need a set of proprietary tools to bring existing assets onto a device, or can you use known tools that you use for creating websites?’

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