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  • Shifting through the gears

    Shifting through the gears

    Twitter carries on its quest for world domination with the announcement of an Android app

  • Tweetie Pie

    Tweetie Pie

    Twitter buys up Tweetie and makes it their official iPhone Twitter App

  • Tweet safe

    Tweet safe

    Twitter has launched a new service that will keep you safe from any beastly scammers

  • The Dalai Lama joins Twitter

    The Dalai Lama joins Twitter

    No complaining about speed bumps or the price of vegetables just yet though

  • HUGE Twitter news

    HUGE Twitter news

    They've changed their Suggested User List....

  • You Zuck

    You Zuck

    Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg tries to justify his site's strange privacy belt loosening, which has enraged users

  • Retweeting @ Twitter

    Retweeting @ Twitter

    Yes, the momentous retweeting phenomenom has finally officially arrived on Twitter, in an exciting Friday news feast

  • Twitter gets stalkier

    Twitter gets stalkier

    Want to know where the peopl you follow are at all times of the day? Just get on Twitter

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