Red Dead Redemption out on 30 April 2010

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  • We've heard of Donkey Kong

    We've heard of Donkey Kong

    But Donkey Woman? She's made an appearance in Red Dead Redemption

  • Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

    Nope, it's Red Dead Redemption's flying cowboys

  • Running wild

    Running wild

    Video games website CVG give us a natty video preview of Red Dead Redemption

  • Not much longer now

    Not much longer now

    Rockstar release the official Red Dead Redemption launch trailer the day that more stonking reviews come in

  • OK, now we're really excited

    OK, now we're really excited

    The first reviews of Red Dead Redemption have come in, and they are very, very positive indeed

  • Rude Dead Redemption

    Rude Dead Redemption

    Rockstar's latest gets a 'mature' rating by the Entertainment Software Rating Board

  • Quick!!


    If you want 400 free Microsoft, download the Red Dead Redemption trailer fom Xbox Live right now



    Yet more Red Dead Redemption loveliness, this time a delicious multiplayer trailer

  • Colour us excited

    Colour us excited

    Red Dead Redemption's multiplayers features look pretty damn amazing, as you will see in here

  • Meet the yokels

    Meet the yokels

    The latest Red Dead Redemption trailer showcases all the ugly freaks you'll have to deal with, pard'na

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