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  • Playbook RIP?

    Playbook RIP?

    After HP's TouchPad, could RIM's Playbook be the next tablet to cease production?

  • Round 2: Play resumed

    Round 2: Play resumed

    RIM tries to reinvigorate PlayBook with big software update - and price drop?

  • PlayDroid


    World gets a sneak peek at the Android app player for BlackBerry Playbook

  • U-turn


    RIM reportedly cancels larger tablet in favour of focusing on next-gen BlackBerry

  • O2 don't want to Play(book)

    O2 don't want to Play(book)

    Mobile operator says 'thanks, but no thanks' to BlackBerry Playbook

  • RIM shot?

    RIM shot?

    Is BlackBerry maker RIM on the road to recovery - or to disaster?

  • Today's the day

    Today's the day

    BlackBerry Playbook goes on sale at Carphone Warehouse and Phones 4 U

  • PlayTime


    Want to join the Blackberry tablet revolution? Now's your chance

  • From tragedy to farce

    From tragedy to farce

    Oh, all right, that's a bit harsh, but RIM's PlayBook launch does seem to be going very badly

  • Go Play(Book)

    Go Play(Book)

    BlackBerry tablet now available to pre-order in the UK

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