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  • An end to camping?

    An end to camping?

    Homefront developer Kaos thinks they haved eliminated camping from their online multiplayer - hooray

  • Australia bans Mortal Kombat

    Australia bans Mortal Kombat

    Their Classification Board has refused classification for the title, because it isn't suitable for children

  • Modern Warefare in your browser?

    Modern Warefare in your browser?

    An analyst says that video gaming will soon converge on interet browsers

  • Just a bit rubbish

    Just a bit rubbish

    Take a look at this really pointless PS3 peripheral, the CTA assault rifle controller

  • Family Gaming

    Family Gaming

    Modern Warfare 2 gets the Family Guy treatment, and very funny it is too

  • It's an outrage

    It's an outrage

    The odds for the video game award at the BAFTAs have been released, and somehow Assassin's Creed 2 isn't favourite

  • Fellow 'moto

    Fellow 'moto

    Nintendo legend Shigeru Miyamoto is to be given a Fellowship from BAFTA

  • BAFTA nominees announced

    BAFTA nominees announced

    For video games, silly, and Modern Warfare 2 and Assassin's Creed 2 are up for a lot of gongs

  • Vaz's vanishing act

    Vaz's vanishing act

    The labour MP goes hiding from a meeting with the games industry, who tear him a new one

  • Microsoft get tough

    Microsoft get tough

    If you've been messing around with your Xbox, you will not be getting back on Xbox Live, got that?

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