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  • e-Harry


    Harry Potter series finally coming in e-book form on new Pottermore website

  • LEGO-ing to be great

    LEGO-ing to be great

    We've got a new video trailer about LEGO Harry Potter, and it looks smashing

  • Brick of brat

    Brick of brat

    We've got a LEGO Harry Potter trailer for you to peer at through your bleary eyes

  • Media goes Potter mad but Granger mainia wins

    Scouting around today's top news, it appears Harry's once-upon-a-time-eyebrow-challenged partner in wizarding wizbits, Emma Watson, has become something of an online hit. The Telegraph announces she's

  • Harry Potter mania begins, WebTwitcher disturbed

    I was going to do a nice little post this morning about the announcement of the final installment of Harry Potter, scheduled for release on the 21st July. About the mystery that will do doubt build up around book seven, Harry Potter and the ...

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