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  • What do those pesky students get up to online

    The university term has kicked off in style this year, with many new web services for the intrepid scholar. Even the National Union of Students (NUS) has embraced RSS technology and added ...

  • Nobody cares about Diet Coke and Mentos now

    ...that gag is SO last month. Now, Everyone's experimenting with what look like those old fashioned pink "shrimp" sweets

  • How to drink beer on a summer evening

    The weekend is finally here, which can only mean one thing. Beer. But obviously in this heat, not too much of it otherwise you'll explode. However the odd pint in a beer garden is a must while we swealter underneath the red and white umbrellas, ...

  • Beat the Monday morning blues...

    ...with this Random Pub Crawl Generator. Quite frankly nothing short of genius, and a great tool to help you start planning this weekend!

  • De-mystify the wine world online

    Well of all walks of society I would not have suspected that secretly, behind the scenes, our wine makers, tasters and gurus were experiencing a quiet technological revolution.

    Look past the Jilly Goolden-style ...

  • Exotic Boozing Online

    So the World Cup is over for us battered, bruised and sunburnt Brits. All our tennis stars(?) are out and we've got nothing left to do with our long hot summer nights than...make some awesome cocktails and entertain our mates around the ...

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