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  • Reach for your wallet

    Reach for your wallet

    Halo Reach is coming next week, and in honour of that Bungie have released a co-op mission walkthrough video - a whole seven minutes long

  • Oh, Halo there

    Oh, Halo there

    As we come close to Halo Reach's release, we have some ace footage of the game for you

  • Easy to Reach

    Easy to Reach

    Hackers have leaked both the entire game code of Halo Reach, and chucked up the ending on YouTube - naughty monkeys

  • New Halo Reach Xbox 360 bundle

    New Halo Reach Xbox 360 bundle

    And it looks very tidy indeed

  • You'd beta get involved

    You'd beta get involved

    Yet another video about Halo Reach's online beta test has come out, with lots of juicy info on weapons and that

  • Halo a lot of info

    Halo a lot of info

    Bungie give an inteview that tells us all sort of lovely stuff about Halo Reach, so read it

  • Oh, Ha-lo

    Oh, Ha-lo

    New beta footage of Halo Reach's multiplayer has got us all excited

  • Halo ODST: disc read errors 'not widespread'

    Halo ODST: disc read errors 'not widespread'

    %%IMG%% According to Microsoft, anyway. However there is evidence to suggest that the problem has spread a whole lot wider than they would like to admit

  • Halo ODST out today

    Halo ODST out today

    So why not whet your appetite by watching some vids of it, then buy it? It'll help stimulate the economy

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