Woo-hoo! Finally, the iPad has a proper challenger. The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, generally recognised as the best tablet yet to challenge Apple's all-conquering device, has arrived in the UK.

The Tab 10.1 is available now in electronics stores across the nation. Of course, it isn't the first device to bear the Galaxy Tab name. That dubious honour goes to last year's original Galaxy Tab, a seven-inch slate that came out in Autumn of 2010. It wasn't a bad piece of kit, but it was running Gingerbread, the version of Google's Android software optimised for phones, not tablets, and so it never really felt like a proper device the way the iPad does - and never had a lot of applications available.

The Tab 10.1 is different. Running the tablet-friendly Honeycomb version of Android, it's got a ten-inch screen (hence the name) and a sleek, rather iPad-like appearance. (In fact, Samsung redesigned the Tab 10.1 completely after being a bit freaked out by the iPad 2's sexiness.) The combination of better software and better hardware means it's met much more favourable reviews than its predecessor, with TechRadar calling it the 'best Android tablet yet.'

And now it can be yours! Hurrah!

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