Hey, you! Yes, you. Have you got a tablet yet? An iPad? A Galaxy Tab? A Xoom? A Playbook? A TouchPad?


Well, an awful lot of people have. The latest sales figures for the tablet sector show that the explosion of sales that followed the iPad's release last year hasn't slowed. Rather, it's increased.

Over 15 million tablets were shipped worldwide in the second quarter of 2011, three times the number last year when the iPad was new. Apple's iPad accounts for 61% of that total, a very impressive number - though not as impressive as the 95%+ they had of the market before Google's Android tablets took off. Android now accounts for 30% of the market. Microsoft has managed to carve out 4.6% with its much-derided approach of sticking Windows 7 onto tablets, and the BlackBerry Playbook has carved out a similar proportion.

Of course, this could all change next year, when Windows 8 - designed with tablets in mind - makes its debut. Microsoft will be hoping a more tablet-focused approach will help them gain a big chunk of market share - though the chances of their getting the kind of dominant position in the tablet market they've traditionally held in the PC market are surely slim.

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