Way back at the start of 2010 - doesn't it seem an age ago? Apple dazzled the world with the iPad, and the rest of the tech world was left running to catch up. A mere couple of weeks later, though, Microsoft rose to the occasion: at the CES conference, CEO (we know, it's confusing) Steve Ballmer demonstrated Windows' tablet-ability with a demo of the HP Slate.

But then.... nothing happened. Windows didn't seem to get any new tablet-friendly features, and the HP Slate only dribbled out months later - and even then only for business customers. With the world obsessing about tablets, Microsoft seemed to be falling behind. When even BlackBerry seem to be ahead of you, you know you're not running fast enough.

Well, apparently Microsoft are going to make some leaps forward in this direction at CES 2011, coming up in January. The New York Times reckons Microsoft is planning to show off a whole bunch of Windows tablets - including the Samsung Gloria, which has a slide-out keyboard. What's more, it's rumoured that Microsoft will show off some new Windows tablets features drawn from Windows 8.

Yes, it may seem like only a year since the launch of Windows 7 - because, er, it is - but Windows 8 is well underway, and tablets are the focus. If Microsoft do manage a preview in January, it'll take the steam out of the iPad 2 launch which is coming up in April...

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