Tablet security tips: what you need to know

The majority of cyber attacks happen on computers with the trend increasing dramatically. Tablets and smartphones are not quite there yet but it does not mean that these devices are not vulnerable to malicious acts. After all, tablets function as a laptop and smartphone. You browse, store files, shop and even pay using the device. Thinking about securing tablets from cyber criminals is in your interest to avoid sensitive data from getting in the wrong hands. Following basic tablet security tips as soon as you set up and start using your device is prudent.

Acting smart

Here are helpful tablet security tips to protect your devices.

1. Treat your tablet like a computer or a smartphone

Your tablet combines everything that a laptop or a smartphone does from surfing and video calling to shopping and making online payments. Therefore, everything that you do on or offline is stored in the device. A basic step is to put in a strong password (more than 6 characters) to make it inaccessible to unauthorised users.

2. Get a reliable anti-virus software

Just as you would protect a computer from virus attacks, get a complete and reliable anti-virus protection for your tablet. It must have real-time anti-virus protection, firewall, anti-spyware, and anti phishing capabilities.

You should also look for a software or an app that has a safe search function or a site advisor that flags suspicious sites. It should feature remote device tracking and locking if stolen.

3. Use cloud data backup

In line with the above, think about online storage to protect data, pictures, financial documents, priceless photos, and all sorts of stuff that you consider important. Anti-virus software programmes often offer this feature as an extra or built-in when you buy the complete or premium version.

4. Make use of the utilities in your protection software

If your kids have their own tablets, educate them not to go to unknown websites. Use the parental control. If they know how to go about it, then add a layer of security by including a secondary password. Put in a timer to regulate surfing.

5. Don't be duped by tricks

A common tactic employed by cyber hooligans is to send fake emails or pop-ups warning you that your device is under virus attack. When this happens, you panic and click on the link which is a big mistake. Often, this leads to a trail of spam mail, phishing scams, and even hijacking of sensitive data in online accounts.

Staying ahead

Security threats are very real and on the rise. Cyber hooligans will come up with new tricks everyday to steal sensitive data while pranksters continue to do it for the simple pleasure of annoying someone. Stay ahead of the game and consider these tablet security tips to protect your data, work and investment.

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