Tablet meets e-reader

You might never have heard of it, but what's America's best-selling e-reader after the Kindle? It's the Nook, the two-screen Android-powered device from book chain Barnes & Noble. Well, people must have liked the little colour Android screen at the bottom, because for the new Nook, they've taken that and made it the whole screen. The new Nook colour may be being sold as an e-reader, but really it's an excellent-value ($249) 7-inch Android touchscreen tablet.

B&N have squeezed an impressive 1024x600 pixels into the screen - as many as the 10-inch netbook we're typing on right now. But there is a catch - though it's Android under the hood, the Nook Colour will have B&N's own software on top, and if you want to install Android apps you'll have to do some hacking. But the Nook Colour will have its own app store, so you should still be able to play Angry Birds at some point. Oh, and it's got Facebook and Twitter sharing of books and quotes baked-in, so no worries there.

No word yet on a European release, but the yanks can get their hands on one from Nov 19th.

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