Top Three Tablet Computers: A Comparison

Have you been looking more at tablet computers lately? If so, you may be wondering what exactly makes a tablet computer a must buy. We have searched around and tested the best on offer in the tablet computers market and our comparison of the top three options will narrrow down your search.

The Benefits of Tablet Computers

Recently, PC and laptop sales have started falling as phones become more powerful and people prefer having a tablet over a computer. But imagine if you could mix the best of both worlds for those times when you need to sit at a desk with a physical keyboard and type up a report. You can do this and more while also being able to unclip your tablet when on the move if you enter the world of tablet computers. Here is a comparison of the top three tablet computers on the market today.

Microsoft's Surface RT is a nifty tablet computer that reimagines the way a tablet should be. Stored in it's screen cover is a full keyboard so that you can prop this tablet up like a laptop. It comes with either 32 GB or 64 GB storage and has a Quad-core NVIDIA Tegra processor with 32GB RAM on board. A nice added bonus with this tablet is the pre-installed Office Home & Student 2013 version that includes all your favourites like Word, Excel, Powerpoint and OneNote.

The Asus Transformer Pad Infinity is another tablet computer that offers you the best of both worlds. A high performing tablet can be used independently and is able to run the latest iteration of Android. When you need a solution for typing, the tablet clips into a keyboard dock and functions exactly like a laptop. The real beauty with this tablet is that the keyboard is optional so you can save money if you do not need it.

Our Top Pick

The two tablet computers in our comparison above are good solid options but the number one option in this category has to be the XPS 10 Tablet from Dell. This tablet has 18 hours battery life and also has Office Home & Student 2013 pre-installed. The XPS 10 tablet also has an optional portable keyboard dock with a full keyboard and a lovely touch pad. The real beauty though are the USB and HDMI ports that the keyboard provides making this tablet computer feel exactly like a laptop when you need one.

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