Tab but not forgotten

You have to feel a bit sorry for owners of the Samsung Galaxy Tab. They spent hundreds of pounds on what seemed like a state-of-the-art tablet last year; but since Google announced the proper tablet version of the Android operating system, Honeycomb, the Galaxy Tab - which runs the smartphone version of Android, Froyo - has looked rather passe.

So it's good news that the Galaxy Tab is finally getting a software update. No, it's not getting Honeycomb - it seems like it's just too old to handle Google's hot new OS. But it's getting Gingerbread, the latest version of the smartphone version of Android (still with us?), which offers a bunch of usability and performance improvements over Froyo.

We've known it's coming for a while, but owners of Galaxy Tabs in Italy have now got the update, meaning it can only be a matter of days before it comes to the rest of Europe. Sadly, this'll probably be the last update owners of the original Tab get, but at least they'll be able to look smugly at their smartphone-owning friends, many of whom are still stuck on Froyo with no upgrade in sight...

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