Tab 2

Well, that was quick. Samsung only released its Galaxy Tab, the first Android tablet from a major manufacturer, a few months ago. And it's selling very nicely, thank you, despite mixed reviews.

But Samsung have decided it's time for a quiet update. Americans who buy a Tab on the Verizon network in a few weeks will be getting a version with a better camera, a faster processor - an iPad-beating 1.2GHz - and LTE, teh '4G' ultra-fast network that's just launched in the US.

All in all, it's a sexy package - and, if it's combined with Samsung keeping the Tab up-to-date with the latest version of the Android software from Google, makes it a pretty attractive package. Which is just as well, as by all accounts it'll soon have the iPad 2 to compete with.

But will this improved model make it to Europe? Well, the LTE part won't, as we're not set to get the next-gen network till next year. But the improved speed and camera have every chance of coming to us later in the year, though Samsung won't be pressed on when.


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