SXSW Interactive Festival 2008 starts today

We're very jealous. The SXSW Interactive Festival in Texas starts today and we can't go. Boo hoo. In case you don't know, SXSW Interactive is a celebration of the creative boffins behind the coolest new media technologies from web design to social networks.

It's a Mecca for grade A geeks and digital entrepreneurs the world over, letting developers to present new ideas and movers and shakers to well, shake and move! This year the festival has introduced ScreenBurn. It's a four day showcase of the latest developments in the gaming industry.

SXSW has always been a hot bed of innovation, as witnessed last year with the birth of the Twitter craze, and it looks like this year won't be any different. 2008's hot topic looks like it'll be geolocation and the gamer in Web 2.0.

If the boffins over at SXSW are to be believed, it looks like geolocation and games are going to be getting jiggy with each other in the very near future. The idea is to create a unique gaming experience based on the the potential power of geolocation as seen in games like Plundr.

So, soon you'll be fragging your mates from Halo using the floor plan of the office. Lazy Friday afternoons can only get better.

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