We review the Swordfish 700DC Diamond Cut Shredder

Although the coming of the computer age has been great for not only workplace productivity, but an increase in the overall standard of our lives, it has come with some worrying pitfalls.

Cyber crime is now huge business, with shady companies offering huge sums of money for lists filled with personal information including names, addresses, income levels, email addresses and phone numbers, not to mention the highly illegal underworld activity of acquiring credit card and financial information.

We all have a part to play in making sure that our information never makes it into the hands of these people. There are many ways to help reach this goal. The main ones involve keeping your computer passwords safe, maintaining a high level of security on your home network and being diligent with regards to your web based activities.

However there is a second way that is often overlooked by people. This is the careful destruction of any sensitive hard copy information you have in your home. Many people don't think twice about discarding old bank or credit card statements in the bin as soon as they're done with them, but this can post a huge risk to your financial and personal security.

The best plan of action for sensitive documents such as these is to destroy them thoroughly, which is where the Swordfish 700DC Diamond Cut Shredder comes in. It is built to the standards of internationally recognised Security Level 3, and offers an economic solution to your document disposal needs.

It features automatic start and stop controls, a handy reverse feature which helps to clear jams and outputs high security diamond shaped particles, rather than long strings of easily reassembled paper. It shreds at just under 3 metres per minute, roughly approximate to 9 A4 paper lengths, and can be yours for just £32.99 including vat from www.a2boffice.co.uk.

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