Sweet as Honeycomb

Crazy as it seems, Honeycomb - Android 3.0, the next version of Google's smartphone operating system - is the most awaited piece of software since Windows 95. There's a whole class of products - tablets - awaiting to be transformed by it. There's a whole army of fanboys waiting for it to finally slay the beast of Apple and make the world safe for ultra-nerdy smartphone software. And there's the simple fact that it means a software upgrade for Android users, of whom there are now more than iPhone users.

So expect every little detail released about it to produce a fit of geek excitement. Like the new logo. Yes, like other versions of Android, Honeycomb has its own logo. And it's rather nifty.

It looks like Android is getting a colour scheme overhaul, too; the logo is dark blue, unlike all previous ones which have been mostly green. That chimes with the screenshots we've seen of Honeycomb so far, showing a sleek and rather Tron: Legacy-like futuristic look.

We're expecting an official launch for Honeycomb later this month. Are you excited?

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