Sweet as Honey

They've only recently shoved out the latest version of their mobile operating system, Android, but yesterday Google have the world a nice long preview of the next iteration. It's Android 3.0, nicknamed 'Honeycomb,' and it looks like it's made entirely with tablets in mind. Indeed, unlike Apple's iOS, each version of which works on the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, it looks like Android might have separate tablet and phone releases going forward.

But enough pre-amble: let's have a look, shall we? Engadget has a bunch of images, and even video. Honeycomb has a very sleek, Tron Legacy-like look, with blue replacing 2.3's green and orange as the main colour. Bundled apps include a new, tablet version of Gmail, Google's own e-book reader, a specially-designed YouTube app, and video calling through Google Talk. All in all, it looks to be even more Google-centric than the phone version is.

Most of all, though, it just looks... good. Everything the first batch of Android tablets, running on software meant for phones, hasn't been: pretty, snappy, visually rich. And, by all accounts, out in March, ready to go on all the new tablets being announced this week.

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