Swedish poll demotes God behind IKEA and Volvo

You can't pull the wool over a Swede's eyes.

A recent survey has revealed that more people trust the cheap and cheerful flat pack giant IKEA than the church itself. Gasp. But, to add insult to liturgical injury, it doesn't stop there. Top German paper Der Spiegel explains that IKEA isn't the only company Swedes trust more than the church.

The list also includes Volvo, Ericsson, Saab and pharmaceutical giant Astra Zeneca.

WebTwitcher can sympathise with Sweden's disenchantment with the church, however, trusting the furniture world's equivalent of Macdonalds is quite an extreme statement. Volvo, of course is another matter. The brand is synonymous with trust and even though Volvo drivers are some of the worst on the roads, that shouldn't reflect badly on the car's reliability.

Seeing as it's Friday, WebTwitcher feels that a quick poll of our own is in order. Who do you trust more: The Church, Tony Blair, Habitat or Tesco?

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